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two years of collecting - a collection update and re intro

hello everyone!
It has now been two years since I joined the comm and started collecting seriously. my collection has grown and altered so much in that time, starting from a couple of hasbro plushes and beanie babies to the whopping room consuming plushie monster it is now.

So a little about me, I am 21 (22 in two weeks time!) and from the UK. This year has been full of changes for me, I left university with a english and creative writing degree, underwent an operation and then started at my current job at a jewellers. I even got my little kitten Kratos, who isn't so little anymore! I have also started wedding planning and am due to get married next April eeeek. In all that thought pokemon has remained a constant even if my collecting has slowed down a lot it is still a big part of my life.
I rediscovered pokemon with the release of diamond and pearl and took interest in collecting more when black and white was released. however the thing that made me decide to join the comm was when I found a talking lifesized mew on ebay, it was bought before I could purchase it but I was hooked and had to know where to get one. Through internet searching I found pkmncollectors and decided to join. Since then my collection has exploded and my humble mew collection is better than I ever thought it could be, I have has phases of having different side collections such as eevee and sandile but mew has always been in the forefront. Lately I have started collecting pokedolls and I now have over 100! my other collection is hoothoot and noctowl, I love owls so they were a must have for me. My partner Alex also collects but his collection is much more modest consisting of axew, charizard and absol.
Without further a do the pictures!!!
caution image heavy

this is an overview of my collection! wonderfully colour coordinated
1:1 plush sit on the top, thankfully theres just enough room between the roof and the bookcase :P


these two are a little too tall to sit on the top self so they have there own. Snivy is one of my favourite plush and surprisingly heavy! whereas pikachu is super squishy and soft, an excellent cuddle buddy
also tiny daenerys figure :3


the rest of my 1:1 plush
hidden behind fennekin is my bell victini from the 1st year anniversary of the tohuko pokemon center, it is such a cute plush I wish he was showed off more. The sleepy pichu is my partners and soon I will be getting the sleepy pikachu pillow from the recent pokecen promotion, sleepy mice everywhere! :D
Theres also my first two dx pokedolls here, dedenne and darkrai

my heartland dialga looking fabulous in his marni scarf

onto some pokedolls

my partners newly shrunk axew collection, the zukan has fallen over here D:

blue pokedolls!
newly acquired poliwhirl from baconscreation and amura from sunyshore.
why are there so many blue pokedolls in comarison to other colours :/ they are overflowing!


orange pokedolls and little tales.
possibly one of the cutest pokemon center promotions ever! they are unfortunately blocking most of the orange pokedolls but you can see a few, one of my favourites is buizel so he had to be at the front.


mini charizard collection with mega plush and a cutie pokemon time char


yellow pokedolls
thanks to gen 6 this shelf has expanded a lot
I got dragonite for Christmas and he is definitely my favourite, just look at that chubby face!


the girly shelf of pink and purple
some people havent been very positive about new pokedolls but personally I love the design of sylveon, its cute and chibi so I dont see why anyone would say its not like a pokedoll

my mews <3
I only collect my favourite mew plush and have very few figures so all of these plush are special to me. I adore my fuzzy pokemon center mew, he is also one of the rarest in my collection, theres also a rare top insight mew in the back, it just looks so different to the other mews I had to have it.

the mew that started it all, my 1:1 talking mew. I was so lucky to find one in perfect condition and still with its box :D

my hoothoots and noctowls.
I have almost every hoothoot plush i am only missing two now but they are eluding me!
I also have lots of figure and stamps including the shiny noctowl stamper which I love to pieces :D I have tried to get every piece of shiny noctowl merch I can like the charms in the background. theres also a few custom shinies too

noctowl pokedolls <3 love these guys so much

small amount of brown pokedolls
most of these guys are recent releases, god I love that litleo :D The only eeveelution im missing is vaporeon, i need one so bad D:

a very tiny amount of red pokedolls, im getting a delphox pokedoll for my birthday so they should have a buddy soon.

absol collection, i really hope he gets some more plush soon, the old banprestos are just too rare and twice I have had them taken from me by scalpers :(

white, grey and black pokedolls
im surprised how many of these I have! makes me realise how much I need a zekrom though!


and thats everything,  I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection, soon I will be updating my collection website with all my new pokedolls
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