noctowl (noctowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

grail + other gets

i have couple new gets i wanted to show, including a plush grail of mine !

sorry for bad phone pictures, i don't have my camera available right now ;;

got a package from helloskitty today, with some new owl stuff ! that big yellow sticker has teeny tiny hoothoot and noctowl on it, of course i had to get it haha.
also got a noctowl calendar page to go with my hoothoot one, a gsc era sticker, Pokemon Channel hoothoot sticker and hoothoot kid figure because i didn't have one yet (surprisingly)

BrXbLoUIIAAjmvH.jpg large
AAAAND this plush grail baby, 1/1 cyndaquil ! won this guy from y!j auction and because i didn't have too much money to spend on shipping, i had to go with surface mail option. took about 2 months to arrive but i'm happy that he's finally here ! his name is "pulla" because he's fat like a bun (pulla means bun in finnish).

still looking for a 1/1 totodile, i recently saw one (that was in very loved condition) in a mini lot with two other totodile plush but i forgot to bid on it ;; of well, maybe i'll find one again soon.

also i'm still looking for hoothoot and noctowl items, you can comment on this post if you have any (i will respond to the comments soon, i've been bit busy lately sorry /_\)
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