Fayh (xsylveonx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: DX Lugia (1999)

Once again I come to you with my Lugia wants. <:

First of all, I am looking for a major grail of mine:

The large Tomy Lugia from 1999.

(Image taken from lugia.co.uk)

I have been watching the same listing get put up on ebay again and again for a ridiculous price of 140$.
I recently lost out on two auctions (one ended at 4am before my final exam and the other one DURING my final exam...) and now I am looking for it again.

The two Lugias I missed went for 26$ and 30$ while being in used condition. I would be perfectly happy with a used condition one, as long as the discolouration or marks are not horrible. Minor paint marks are fine, scratches too if they're not very noticeable.

Shipping would have to be to Germany, so I expect it to be around 10-15$ (that's what I paid for my big Electronic Lugias) or a little higher.

This item is one of the last I need for my collection to be in a state where I only have to add a few smaller figures to be happy with it (excluding plushes... I still need lots of those). c:

So, if you have a big Lugia and would like to give it to a very loving home, please let me know. c:

And while we are at it, a little progress to my Lugia shelf:

Click for full size!


It is growing slowly and steadily! I can't wait to go on the hunt for more Electronic Lugias. <3

I have loads of close up photos on my website: http://www.welcometoalabastia.weebly.com/lugia

Tags: collection update, lugia, wanted
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