Teapig (opossumpanda) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tiny flats sale~

I don't know about you guys, but when we were offered up a coupon code for oyatsu cafe via classypersian, I sure bought a few things~

I bought 2 packs of the pineapple chewy stuff (which is delicious *3*), some gummies and a notepad.

Unfortunately I didn't get a Pancham wrapper thingy in my pineapple candies. I'd love to trade with someone or buy it from you, if you happened to order that candy and got Pancham!

Given sales permission by allinia, 3/24/14.
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I ship internationally from Canada, and will let you know when your things have been shipped.

Shipping is $1 to anywhere :)

$0.45 each or take 'em all for $3.50~

These can be flattened out and would look great in a card sleeve~ (will be shipped in one) they're made of thin paper (except for Mega Mewtwo X and Yveltal who are plastic) and all of them have 2 small holes on the border from how they were printed/cut I guess.
Candy not included, unless you really want it! xD

Sylveon - $0.75
Everything else - $0.50

Thanks for looking!
Oh, I also discovered the magical place of storenvy yesterday (slowpoke much) and picked up some Pancham stuff that I've been searching for forever.... so I'm super excited about that ;w; it's gonna be a magical moment when I see the can badges in person. I've wanted them badly for months.
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