Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

♥Wailord Pokedoll for Sale!♥

Hi all, I decided to selling my cute wailord pokedoll!! Because I don't collect wailord and I need the money more. Please look under the cut where you can find more detailed pics and a description!!
PRICE: 80.00$ OBO

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- shipping is from germany worldwide
- paypal only
- no trades atm sry^^

I think you can tell better if this pokedoll is authentic or not. But I think it is! Only cannot say it is to 1000% because I bought it on ebay from a private seller from germany, who says he/she got it from the pokemoncenter.
Will only say I dont bought it from the pokemoncenter by myself ^^


As you can see on the pics, the grey round things on wailord are are littlebit damaged. The tushtag is in perfect condition, but there is no pokedoll-tag.

Thanks for looking :3

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