moonliteumbreon (moonliteumbreon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Collection Update + Quick Wants: Jakks Pansear Plush and Jakks Winter Deerling Plush

Hey guys, I'm just quickly looking for these two this Jakks Pacific plushies.  I understand that the Jakks company was shut down and that's why distribution for the black and white series 6 plushies were so bad, but being in Australia I didn't really realise what was going on until obtaining these guys became near impossible.

I'm looking for Pansear and Deerling (Winter) in order to complete my Jakks monkey trio and Jakks deerling quartet, and it's horribly frustrating missing the last one of each!! :(

Any help at all in obtaining either or both of these guys this guy would be absolutely amazing! (My OCD is driving me up the wall like you wouldn't believe T_T)
-Thank you firevie for helping me with Pansear! :D

(These pics aren't mine, if it's yours and you want me to take it down let me know.)

In Other News:
My couch has been commandeered by my most recent Pokemon gets. ... They look quite happy with themselves for doing this too, increasing in number gradually over time until I realised what they were up to ... but at least they keep me company when I watch TV. :D
I will have to do a FULL collection update sometime ... but the last time I got all my plushies out at once, my floor mysteriously disappeared in a sea of colour. ...I wonder if there's a possible link between the two events?


Tags: deerling, jakks, pansear
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