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New sales, old sales discounted, new stickers & coupon code

Yay, new items for sale, and old items discounted! Here's a preview of some of the stuff (there's lots more!)

Also updated the sticker shop. Here's some of the newly added stickers. Click the pic to go to the shop :)
Here is a coupon code for 25% off orders over $10! Code: july4
(you enter the code at the site when you check out.)
It is not combinable with free shipping. Ends midnight on July 4th, Eastern Time (UTC -5)
photovisi-download (1)


  • Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

  • I ship from NY, USA.  Prices do not include shipping or PP fees.   I charge actual shipping plus .30 for materials. Larger orders go in boxes, smaller in polybags. SEE BELOW FOR SHIPPING INFO.

  • I accept Paypal ONLY.

  • Not responsible for Post Office oopsies.  Please enquire if you'd like insurance. The price quoted is for regular mail.  If you'd like Priority please ask.

  • Please pay for items within 24 hours.  No holds.  Be clear if you are committed or just asking for an shipping estimate. First committed buyer has priority. Indicate if you are committed!

  • All PKMNcollectors forum rules apply.

  • I have pets, so you may find hair.  Non-smoking home.

  • Please note your postcode or country for shipping.

  • When paying, indicate your user name on the PP form

Offers considered, especially if you buy more than one item.

Poliwhirl ceramic mosquito coil holder
Mint condition w/ box
photo 1
photo 2

Pokedoll figures, no box. $10 ea ONLY EEVEE LEFT
photo 3

Duskull Pokemon Center keychain plush w/ tag, from 2009.
photo 4
photo 5

Normal MPCs - I have Snorlax & Jigglypuff left. $12 ea $10 ea

Pokemon Time tins $14 ea $10 ea ONLY MAWILE LEFT
2014-05-12 15.36.12

$1 ea: Osaka sticker, Pokeball coaster, Pika eraser, pansage card, Leavanny card, Genesect card
$3 ea: Munchlax keychain, Genesect & Mewtwo strap set
$5 ea: Glaceon & Espeon cards
$7 $5 ea: Jirachi charm, Emolga charm, Combee charm set, Chingling charm set
$9 $6 ea: Skitty charm set, Drilbur charm set,
Espeon embroidered sticker
$10 $5 ea: Flareon charm, Glaceon charm
$15: Rotom charm set

2014-06-02 10.19.57

Latias Pokemon time bookmark $5
Dex figs $1 ea
(fuzzy Diglett & Dugtrio not for sale)
2014-06-02 10.46.05

Megas are $28. w/ fees and shipping, one would be $33 domestic (USA) or $42 international.
Reg size Pokedolls & plush are $18, one would be $23 domestic (USA) or $30 international.
SOLD Spritzee, Clauncher, Froakie
Legendaries are $32,  one would be $37 domestic (USA) or $44 international.
2014-05-23 17.22.55

99% sure these are bootlegs (even tho I got them in a YJ lot...)
.25 ea
2014-06-02 10.26.42

Raichu bank, no bottom $1
sleepy bunnelby $1
Pikas & other unlisted figs .25 ea locks
straps .50 ea Meowth
Eevee & friends Eevee $3
2014-06-02 10.26.52

Big dice $3 ea Slowbro
Little dice $1 ea except Mew, Mewtwo & Moltres are $2 ea
2014-06-02 10.29.13

Japan McDs figs, .50 ea except Skitty & Emolga are $2 ea. Torchic Lotad SurfPika
Note these are a little heavy.
2014-06-02 10.33.19

$1 ea: Meditite Jakks, Piplup Jakks, super loved Snivy ufo, loved/marked Plusle ufo
$3 ea: Manaphy, Zubat jakks, Piplup ufo, oshawott ufo, Mime jr ufo, Tepig tomy, Charmander friend
$5: Pidove Pokemon cen
$10 $8: Jolteon & Flareon keychain, Espeon
$25 $20: Ho-oh DX ufo
2014-06-02 10.39.00

$1 ea: Shellos, talking Monferno (heavy), super loved Bronzong, reversible Pika, Chimchar keychain
$3 $2 ea: Cherrim, Emboar ufo (slightly loved), Pika ufo, friends (Squirtle, Pika & Cyndaquil), Cyndaquil hasbro, Mesprit

2014-06-02 10.41.43

$5 $4 ea except:
$8 $7ea Honchkrow, Gliscor
$10 Raichu
Sold: Kirlia, Bronzong, Meganium
2014-06-02 10.52.49

Pokemon de Pon stamps $1 ea (Slowbro free w/ purchase, used and dirty)
Pika stamps $1 ea (ink mostly out)
Oddish & Spearow $2 ea
Rolling Moltres $3 $2
2014-06-02 10.55.37

Trozei stickers
Holos, XY mons & Mawile $2 ea
others $1 ea
TRADE? I'm missing Charmander, Drapion, Abomasnow, Glaceon, Shaymin, and Landorous. Will trade!!! (only these stickers)
2014-06-02 10.59.07
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