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Fairy Collection

Chloe's Fairy Grail
Here is my beloved fairy collection. Fairies are quickly becoming one of my favourite types in the game. They're all so unique, versatile and not to mention really beautiful. It was only when I saw the film Malificent was when I felt I truly understood their weakness against Steel and Poison and of course, their immunity to dragons.

The three togepis. One of them is a plush keychain that still works, one is a figure that moves and makes sounds, but needs new batteries the other is a Friend Doll Togepi I believe. I had the former two since I was a kid. They were gifts from someone very important to me that I never let go off. The other is a friend doll I believe.

I'm also very happy I got the whole Jigglypuff line now. I love them so much, especially jigglypuff. The keychain book is wrinkled round the edges, and even though it's about normal pokemon, I now consider it a piece of my fairy collection because the book gathers up basic facts on nearly all of the gen I fairies before they were fairies. Because of this, I almost forgot that Mr. Mime was also a fairy.

Inside the Marill box is a puzzle. It's got all the pieces in it. The bag is a fennekin bag I bought from a nice seller on eBay. I didn't realise until later that there was a small picture of flabebe at the back. The small clefairy figure was made into a ring but the figure fell off the ring, but I still keep her as a figure. She's so tiny and precious. The florges charm is a cute custom from Etsy. I have a tendancy to change the chains about. I love red florges.

TL:DR Version: I love them all.

And here are some that aren't pictured. But I've posted them before:

Shiny Sylveon and shiny mega-gardevoir. I love these charms. They were from Etsy and I think they're so precious.

Click here to see the rest of my collection. ^_^
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