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New Arrivals!

This has been a week full of Pokemon arrivals so I thought I'd finally put everything together and share it with you guys! 


Preview: I just had to post a photo of Po and his favorite new plushie…

Tomy wind up Dragonite model from Amazon (must put together).

Dragonite flat items: both shiny stickers from Pheonixxfoxx, Topps card from Shemii, shiny dark Dragonite card from eBay.

Dragonite’s Christmas (so adorable and just in time) from Amazon, all new Dragonite (and evo) kids are from Yahoo Japan (my first order finally arrived!) and they are super sweet.

Tomy Dragonite model (why does it spit balls?) #2 from Game Express and cute little red figure from Bluetip_echelon.

Piplups: Mascot (?) miiiiiini plush, movie (?) stickers, and both cards from eBay, suction cup Pip from Lineaalba.

Munchlax Yujin figure from Jaxtoys, Snorlax Friends plush from Lineaalba, card was an awesome freebie from Shemii.

Kids from various sources: Mizu Rei, Yahoo Japan, Jaxtoys, and Pheonixxfoxx; Murkrow kid from eBay. All cards from Shemii!

Super cute Spinda mini plush (unknown origin) from eBay, Mareep Friends plush (YAY!) from Juumou.

Plusle mini plush from Lonepichu ( ended up with two- long story! :), mini cot and suction cup from Jaxtoys.

Plusle pokeball figure and Squirtle bobble head from Killerjaw01 mini Char from Bluetip_echelon. Umbreon/Espeon/Eevee Zukan (obviously unopened, sorry about that) – anyone have a Dragonite they are willing to maybe trade?

Newish Wishlist

I has some eBay sales (finally), but has anyone else noticed how the shipping calculator over-prices the shipping (also, please let me know if you think any of the prices are ridiculous- I under price everything and my boyfriend does the opposite so I'm left confused)? :-/ There is more stuff yet to go up, but it takes forever to list so I'm taking a break for a bit.




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