jesswyn (jesswyn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Washing your pokemon plushies?

Hey guys, have a bit of a dilemma, i'm not sure how to go about washing some plushies. I recently moved from Canada to Australia and all my plushies came over in boxes off a cargo ship, some of the boxes had slight water damage and the plushies all have an 'old' wet smell to them, but otherwise look fine and no mold seems to be present. I want to wash these as well as some non-pokemon related plushies. Some have beans in em, some are too big for a washing machine, i'm just not sure which way to go about this as i've never washed a plush before, how do you guys do it? I don't want to wreck any of them as some are old/rare/collectable, but I just can't display them or take them out of bags smelling the way they do!

My first instinct is to get a big bucket fill it with some kind of washing liquid and let em soak then hang to dry, or blowdry, but i haven't seen this suggested anywhere im assuming this is wrong, what should I do?

Thanks everyone!
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