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Zukan XY03 Pre-order/ Pick up

Hi all! I know it's a earlier than usual, but I just want to get this organised a little bit early this time.
Pre-order/ Pick up rules and information can be found under the cuts.

Update: After 2 weeks' delay, the sets have been released and details have been finalized, thank you very much for all your understanding and patience (:

General Rules:
- Shipping is from Hong Kong via airmail (small packet), estimated delivery time is 5-16 working days to most countries. Registered airmail (signature required on delivery) is available for an extra $2.2. If you don't get registered mail, you are responsible for lost/ damaged packages. Feedback
- Price includes shipping and fees to ANYWHERE in bubble mailer! If you want a box, let me know but please be aware it will cost considerably more.
- Paypal Only, no e-cheque at this time please!

Pre-order/ Pick up information / rules:

Pick up date: This is a pre-order for pick up for the XY03 zukan set. I have just contacted the shop and they said the sets should be arriving in the next week or two. Please allow some time for me to arrange the trip to the shop as well (as it's over an hour from my home so I can't just go any day ^^;), but would be no later than 25th July. In case there's any delay in the stocks (which I can't control since I am merely picking this up from the shop), I will inform you ASAP and you can decide whether you still want to keep your claim or not.

Payment due: After pick up is done. Since I am not sure of pick up date yet, I will leave the payment deadline til the end of this month. But of course, the earlier you are able to send payment, the earlier I can ship the zukans to you (:
I will reply to your comment here once pick up is done.

Updated Information:

Pick up date:
1st August

Payment due: No later than 7th August, I will notify you once I have picked up the sets.
If you were one of the people who reserved a spot early (i.e. slots 1-16) and needed more time to pay, that's completely fine with me (:

All paid orders will be shipped on 9th August/ 11th August.

- Sets are picked up NIP and will come with inserts. I have no controls of how Takara Tomy handles the paint job. Capsules are not included for the sake of shipping cost but can be include for free if you are willing to pay for extra cost of shipping.

All Claims are final, no backing out/ deleting/ editing comments. If you made a mistake, correct by replying to your own comment!

Price for full set of 4, inserts included:
$25 including shipping and fees to anywhere, i will upgrade to registered mail for free if you purchase 2 sets or more. I am picking up sets only.

I am currently opening slots for 20 sets, up to 3 sets per person. If there's enough interest, I may open more slots.

1. niraito
2. jr890
3. puckyducky
4. chaos_21
5. nasija
6. chromapika - registered mail
7. renshao
8. clair2522
9. splash
10. babygape - registered mail
11. tyrumpatumpatum
12. kyogres
13. starbitt
14. eternal_rena
15. elementparadise - + 1 set of XY02 zukan - registered mail
16. jen81489 - + XY01 + XY02 set - registered mail
17. doryphish333
18. yellowmudkip

That's all for now, thank you very much (:
Tags: zukan
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