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Gets post and question!

Earlier this week i went to epcot for the first time! I finally got to see the pokemon stuff at the japan pavilion in person and while i know some people complain its not as stocked as it use to be im very happy i got to see it and see kids happy about pokemon too :) I bought a Gengar faceshirt, funny though i was wearing "almost" the exact same shirt i bought. i got mine at a con before i knew about bootlegs and later found out it was a bootleg shirt (the spikes on the back are different) so im really happy to actually own the official shirt now especially since my old one is wearing out because i wear it all the time lol. I also got the best present from coiffwaff in the mail! I had been looking for the Swirlix pokedex card and they bought a bunch of blind bag packs looking for Furfrou and the happened to get swirlix too and sent it to me! Im just so happy and cannot thank them enough!
Pictures under cut!

and my question, going through the swilix stuff on ebay recently ive been seeing the pokedoll for super cheap. did they already make a bootleg of it? that fast? i already have mine and got it from a reliable source when it came out so im positive its not a bootleg but it just seems theyre making them faster and faster xp

this is how the bootleg back looks it has white-ish spikes
Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 8.58.04 PM
excuse the colour my phone camera is eh, but normal abck spikes yay :D
not sure if the face has much difference i couldn't really tell but still very happy!
and very ecstatic about my new addition to my swirlix family!
Thank you so much!!!

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