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introduction post.

Hi there~ <3
My name is Iza but I'd like to call me 'Ishy'. I live in Poland so I may make many mistakes so please don't rush on me... ^^" I've been watching this community for a long time and then decided to post the first entry. Nice to meet you all anyway. x3 I've fallen in love with Pokemon since i was 10 years old( -///////-) and i still like them. My favourite ones are:
Shaymin Sky Forme, Chimchar, Shinx, Rotom, Glaceon, Gliscor and Shaymin Land Forme.
I have an account on deviantArt too. You can see there loads of Pokemon pictures so please look in~

My main collection shelf. :3 I'm pretty pleased with how it looks anyway. It's really hard to get some Pokemon merchandise there... @_@" I get new plushies/figurines through eBay or Polish auction site and when i have an opurtunity to go abroad. Some of them are from Germany and France~

Imageshack hates me for some reason so new photo pending~

And here goes my Skymin collection~

Skymin collection~

I'm waiting for some more merchandise to come so be prepared for collection update soon~
And thanks to castform i was able to make this entry. OuO

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