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Introduction \o/

Hello! o/ I guess it's about time I introduce myself to the community!

I'm joy_dust or Juli and I am a Togetic Collector! \o/ I was accepted into the community about a week ago, but I just never found the time to introduce myself properly.

I found the community a few months back and have been lurking here until I finally decided it was time to join last month XD June was also the month where I started collecting so I'm still new to all of this. My main and only collection at this point is Togetic, but I do want to expand it to add a few of my other favorite Pokemon like Dragonite, Arcanine, Lanturn, Gardevoir, Bulbasaur, Blaziken and Lapras.

I actually haven't taken any photos of my collection right now since I'm still trying to figure out how to display everything, but once I have it figure out I'll post some pictures! Plus I'm still waiting for some of the flats and charm I just bought from caffwin and slatias! ^^

Anyways I'm currently on the lookout for these to add to my collection and I will be buying within the next coming two to four weeks! (I just commissioned two Togetic customs, so these will have to wait a bit before I can make enough money to buy more XD):

- Togetic Jakks (I want to get two of these! ;w;)
- Togetic Tomy
- Togetic Kids (Normal and Clear; does anyone know if he has an Attack Kid too? ;3;)
- Any Togetic Flats (I love flats! I want them all! XD)
- Any kind of Togetic Customs (I love customs too!)
- Any Togetic TCG

Last but not least I just wanted to say that I'm very excited to be able to join this awesome community and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and their amazing collections! Thank you! o/
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