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A very kanto-esque re-introduction!

Hey guys!
i have loved looking at everyone's collections and see new faces popping up every now and then,
and i've mean meaning to crawl out of my (cerulean) cave and do a re-introduction,
So here goes nothing!
My name is Ash, i just turned 24 in June this year and yes i named myself Ash after well, Ash (And proud of it)
Oh and i live in the smallest little country in Southeast Asia, Singapore.
I've been a member on this community for a couple of years now, i think i'm turning 3 this August!

i grew up with pokemon like i'm sure pretty much almost all of you have and i started hardcore collecting plushes like pokedolls after i first laid eyes on a Ho-oh Pokedoll with the blue starburst tag in Singapore and has never looked back since.
My mum used to think that my plushes were awesome and super cute, well until i managed to fill like 8 boxes of them and now she's like
"you do know you're not gonna have that much space to display them ALL."

My favourite region has to be the Kanto region since my childhood was all about them 151 pokemon and since i finally got off my lazy ass today, i managed to take out some of the plushes that mean the world to me for a photoshoot!
Since a picture paints a thousand words and i have quite a few of them to show, please allow me to get a move on and present to you guys,
my kanto babies!

It took me awhile but here they are in all their minty-tags glory!

Next up were one of my first ever plushes of the kanto starters and i think i got them off brian from pokevault before their prices skyrocketed like team rocket. Pikachu was bought from shoppingmallJapan just cause i am a sucker for completing sets, as you will see soon enough.

i'd have to say these are my pride and joy as a pokemon parent. i got squirtle and charmander as a trade from mriwanaga and they so very nicely informed me of a pokemon time bulbasaur plush that was on YJ as they knew i was looking for one to complete the set!
before i knew it, the long lost siblings were reunited at last.
thanks again mriwanaga!

nom, nom, nom

i'm sorry but i just had to squeeze them.

My main collection is actually made up of pokedolls and these few never fail to put a smile on my face.
Poliwhirl was from kirsty while the rest were from various other community members!
thanks again guys, couldn't have done it without your help.

Just look at all them walking pokemon!
this was by far the cutest advent of plushes the pokemon centre came up with.
i'm still looking for a MWT and charms Totodile walky plush to complete my johto set though,
if anyone happens to see one for sale or even better, has one for sale, i'll be more than happy to take him off your hands!

So what does one do when they managed to get their grabby little hands on plushplushes that didn't have tags?
Commission the very talented dokurog to get custom plushplush tags made of course!
i forgot to include jigglypuff and grimer so here they are as soul-sister/wing-man for clefairy and squirtle.
I should let you know that jigglypuff never leaves clefairy more than a couple of inches though.
Kanto sisters for life!

So i found these while window shopping one day and ended up not window shopping afterall.
i didn't even know the second wave of nanoblocks (bottom row) arrived so they were a nice surprise!
If anyone wants me to pick any of these up, just let me know.

If you've read through all of these, you deserve a cookie, a gym badge and as many TMs as you can grab.
Thanks again for making my journey here an even more enjoyable one and once i finally move and get everything displayed,
i'll have a major collection update!

Ash, Signing off!

Tags: canvas, collection update, plush, pokecen, pokedolls
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