at_the_porno (at_the_porno) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More updates to sales!

I've added more plush to my sales. c: Including, but not limited to, the Japanese Leafeon and Glaceon pokedolls, Samurott/dewott japanese pokecenter plush, Piplup DX pokedoll, and more! Also still have other rare pokedolls (like grimer and budew), and banpresto (altaria) plush that need new homes. x3 I am also open to reasonable haggling. c:

Click the link under the silly banner! XD

Also! Does anyone have any idea where I can get the new Klefki key holder? I spotted it on ebay last night ( but it was over $60!! it couldn't have gone that crazy already!! oxo;; ) and was wondering if there were any other places that had it? There's always y!j, but if I can avoid using them, I will (as that site is hazardous to my wallet) xD
Thanks so much! c:
Tags: altaria, budew, dewott, glaceon, grimer, leafeon, oshawott, pokedoll, samurott
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