kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yey! New Things!

Some really fab packages arrived yesterday and today! What do they contain?....

Firstly - my Pikachu bag and the cutest little Pokekid! Thanks so much pheonixxfoxx ! - I squeed so much when I opened the package!

Ever since we went to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo, I fell head over heels for the cute oval head style Pikachu! I need to find some more things with his cute little face on! ^-^

Also on the PIka front - a card I;ve been after arrived from a seller on ebay! I collect Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu cards and now I just need to find the Raichu to complete this promo set ^-^

This one was for andyboyh  - I never though ghosties could be cute until recently - this zukan is a perfect example! Thank you mamoswine !~ ^-^


Aside from new things, I'm in the process of adding a few more item s to the Safari Zone, so feel free to take a look if you have a spare minute! safari-zone.livejournal.com - I'm open to haggling if anyone ses anything they really want ^_^ I'm thinking of letting some more of our ex and lv.x cards go too ^_^

I have also set up a feedback thread on Safari Zone for people who have bought thigns from us :) I'm happy for people to use the member feedback for me here instead though - either is fine, I just like too know when items arrive safely ^-^

Tags: collection, gastly, haunter, kids, pikachu, sales
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