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2014 Collection with more Kalos in your Diet!

Hey PKMNCollectors!

How was everyone's 4th? We got rained out so we had fireworks tonight instead of yesterday! Seriously, it was like the jungles of Africa with all the thunder, lightning, and flooding! But anyways, you're not here for water and're here for POKEMON!>.<

I made some alterations to my collection and added some things as well. I've really embraced Kalos and all the Pokemon within. It's really becoming my favorite generation along with Johto. I have some close up photos for ya so here we gooooooo!...

My giant Suicune! His head got cut off in the photo but as you can see he's a gorgeous 24 inches tall with Pikachu on his mane just like the legendary Giant Lugia. That was the inspiration for this plush done by Bladespark. Suicune is my Lugia to me and this plush will forever be my favorite...which is why Pokemon 4Ever, however despised it may be, is my favorite movie! And plus, it's the only movie where Professor Oak has a starring role.

Next on the tour...the Kalos 1:1 plushies, all three of em'. This is the first generation that I collected em' all! They're incredible plushies and I love em' to death, especially lil Chespin. I always have to wake the lil guy up in Y.>.>(maybe it's because I spoil him with all those Pokepuffs!) I wish they had been the Johto starters but hey, Kalos has the bacon bird of death and the legendary deer of life. Moving on....

My Christmas 1:1 Celebi and friends! Okay, the hat was from the dollar store...but Celebi liked it so I let her wear all year long. She's a 1:1 from the Zoroark movie but I got her to fit in with my Pokemon 4Ever gathering of plushies!^_^ If anyone has a GS ball by the way, I'd love it for the Crystal theme. Mega Mewtwo is guarding along with Reshiram in the background.

My mini giant Mega Lucario! As some of you may remember, I had to pass my giant Lucario on to kayeechu (Mystic_Aura now I think...sorry if I got it wrong!) due to financial issues but have since taken a love to the Mega Cario! He's an awesome plush and loves guarding my Pokemon movies and games.

Adding to the majesty of Mega Lucario is my Pokemedia you can see, it is a little bare at the moment...the main trilogy of Unova movies, the Zoroark movie, and the Orange Islands Season. Plus, I still have Pokemon Collesseum (hey, any game with Suicune on the cover is instant $$$ for me)'s a great 3D Pokemon game and the battle theme is among my favorites.

Oh, now we're at one of rarest 1:1 Victini with the Soothe Bell attached. When I saw that Victini I knew I had to get it.X_X I swear on my life that when things seem down and out, all I have to do is look at that Victini and I regain my composure...and ring that cute little bell. It's such an awesome plush and the V is REALLY minky! If you get a chance to buy it, go for it! It's the Victory Pokemon and deserves that title.

And here we have the Ichiban Kuji Keldeo figure with box still intact...I could never throw it's such a cool box! And in front are obviously a still working copy of Pokemon Crystal with all inserts intact along with a vinyl Suicune figure. I wish they would put "Gotta Catch Em' All!" on the boxes again...Crystal was the last game to sport that which is why I still have it to this day.

Is it just me or are these two Pokemon the coolest last evolutions of this generation? The tins were super awesome and I'm glad I was able to get Greninja's tin today...Greninja is the Charizard of this generation (his inclusion in Smash Bros should be an indication of that) but Delphox I prefer more. Regardless, I have both of them in my permanent party. Poor Chesnaught...I just can't get into your design. :( It's like after Chespin they said "we can't outdo that!"...which is why I gave Chespin an Everstone so he'll never grow fat!>.< He's chubby and cute enough on his own! That's it Chespin...more Pokepuffs for you!

My favorite Legendary group...the Muskedeers! They're so calm and collected and cool in their movie. I wish they got more screen time but it was good to see Keldeo having to prove himself after getting his friends in danger because of his selfishness. He realizes his mistake and sets out to correct it. Anyway, this set of plush is the Takara Tomy version and the Keldeo on the end is the Pokemon Center one.

The plush you can't see is my custom Resolution Form Keldeo. He's the most accurate Keldeo plush I have and I love em' to death.>.< The horn is just awesome! He's about a little more than a foot tall.
My favorite Kalos Pokemon! Xerneas, Delphox, Greninja(that tongue is awesomeXD),and cute lil Meowstic! Out of all my Kalos plushies, Greninja is my favorite though he is hard to keep in place sometimes (which makes him more like a real frog I guess seeing as how real frogs like to hop!)

And we're at the end! Please comment below and I hope you enjoyed this tour through my collection!

Special Bonus:Keldeo Art Book for the 15th movie!

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