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A question and a update

It's two things this time, an update to mah colly (one item but it rocks) and a question I think ya guys can help me with:

All right the Q&A first, so if
it's not okay to post this here, please tell me ...

It's like this, I am saving cash to commision a plush( maybe even the next month if I get that credit card for myself that the bank has yet to give me ... they're so slow)
a Denji (Volkner) and Ooba (Flint) plush. ( ya know, like a pair?)
And a Bulba Squirtle one that's also like a pair.

I know Juumou makes excelent Poke plushes and man, I sure will commy her (sorry if it's him T.T)
as soon as I get the cash for it and she opens the slots >: D! *stalker sasquach*

But I was also wondering about human plushes. Where do ya guys get your commy human plushes?

Okay, now to the other thing;  the update!

I just got this beauty in the mail yesterday!
I returned from a 2 day trip with my school and I come home to this! I was so happy!

Thank you so so so so much for him </a></b></a>carolina_suikun!
The package came very fast and I loved the little sticker of Piplup on the mail!
Oh yeah, do you have a Feedback post? I looked for it but I didn't find it!

Here it is, the keychain Bulba! It's much better than I thought it would be and it's so CLEAN! oo_OO

Sorry for this bad picture! I took it in the night time, but I DID take the other at day ... why didn't I take them together? I love how detailed the Bulba is! The bulb is so cute!  He is now sitting proudly on my other Bulba plush XD

OH, look at that wonderful picture she sent me! He's sleeping, AWWWWW, It's in my album now, right next to the Piplup sticker!
Thank you so much again! I LOVE IT ALL!

I am very overwhelmed by the sheer kindness of this comm!
Thank you everyone for giving me so much info and help! (now I know how much Bulbas I still lack! XD *grabby hands*)

See you guys soon!
Have a nice day!

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