knuclear200x (knuclear200x) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Figure identification?

While cruising through my local swap meet, i came across this interesting booth full of pokemon toys and other toys of interest.
Then I found these two figures:

I've honestly never seen basic figures of this scale, even for the Gen 1 ones. I asked the guy if he had anymore, but all he had were Jakks that i already had.
Nidoqueen has a lot of paint smears and rubs all over, while Ninetales has that and some odd green discoloration possibly due to sunlight. But some details like the amount of spikes and tails appear to be accounted for.

Nidoqueen has the standard imprint, but hers says CH/U.W 2004 CHINA. Ninetales' reads CR/L.W 2005 CHINA. At that point, I didn't consider these to be official, but they didn't look too terrible. And at $1 per figure, I just couldn't resist.

But do you guys know if more were made and if you own similar figures like these? Thanks.
Tags: info, nidoqueen, ninetales
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