Ai (leemax) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Japanese design Pokemon pin trade

My feedback is here.
I was granted sales permission by former-mod lineaalba (now astralvulpes) on 07/01/2010.

I recently went to my closest Pokemon Center and played the Japanese design pin capsule machine a couple of times in the hopes of getting a Snorlax (can be seen in this post). Unsurprisingly, I was not successful. (I knew if I didn't quit after two tries I would never stop!)

I did, however, get a Buneary/Bunnelby and a Rayquaza.
Would anyone, by chance, be interested in trading a Snorlax pin for one or even both of the pins I got?
Tags: buneary, bunnelby, pokecen, rayquaza, snorlax, trading
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