Mitchi (mitchichen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So Grump.

Acrylic charms!

So yeah, just advertising my custom charms, they got a little overlooked on my other post, overshadowed by charizard and growlithe.

Each charm is 1.5 inches at their longest point, and comes with a phone charm lanyard so you can hang it where ever you want.

Charms are $5 each and are available at my shop!

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

Speaking of my shop, I've added a bunch of new stickers and some plushes, so feel free to take a look!

But take note, these aren't ALL of my stickers, not by a long shot. I have wall decals and temp tattoos to post as well, and I plan on slooooowly moving my old sales post items to my new shop for ease of use.

In other news, the Chars and Growlithes from my last post are all bundled up and ready to ship! I meant to ship them last week but I FORGOT IT WAS JULY 4TH woops. Yeah, military post offices still operate as if they were 'Merica. They will be shipped out first thing tomorrow morning, after which I'm off in search of more flat figures! I didn't think those would be so popular.

I have found a couple of starters in there from some packs I bought nearby, and I've confirmed that there are 6 colors: Pink, Purple, Blue (a light, azure color), Indigo, Green, and Black. Sadly they are blind boxes so it's hard to pick out pokemon.
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