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New collection? + recent gets + a couple of questions

It's been a while since I posted an update so I thought I should write another something~

First of all, I think I just started a mini-collection of the weather trio! (I'm blaming the remakes for this, haha) I'm not planning to make this a huge collection but something more like a tribute. Since I've got some figures already, I would like to get the rest of the trio from the same series. Right now I'm looking for the Rayquaza suction cup, and Rayquaza/Groudon TFG figures and straps. I'm also looking for another figures of the trio which will be shown at the bottom of this post~

(pictures are not mine)
If anybody happens to be selling any of these, please let me know!

My collecton updates are below the cut, so you can skip them if you want~

My first update would be some flat piggies I got from salamence646! That includes two Amada stickers, a holo TCG card and a VS card that I had never seen before! I also got another Grumpig flat from johnnytoon a few days after that, an AG transparent double-sided tazo featuring Spoink and Grumpig :)
There's a picture of my updated collection!
2014-07-05 11.17.27

I also bought one Kokeshi charm set featuring two Pokémon that I love but unfortunately don't have much merchandise - Froslass and Hawlucha. They both look lovely in the Kokeshi style:
2014-06-17 13.51.45

And now for the 3D stuff! My first package was a very blue one!
2014-06-24 12.06.12
I got these two adorable mons from hebilea! Again, these two are so cute, yet they don't have much merchandise unfortunately.
I love Swoobat's sparkly eyes and heart-shaped nose and tail <3  As for the Shellos, I found out about him not long ago right after I found a Western Shellos from the same collection and I thought it was very cute compared to the Jakks one. I instantly wished they had made an Eastern Shellos like that and just then I found that they did! And now that I've got him, I'm thinking about getting his pink cousin some day too, because he is so soft and pretty with his pastel colours <3

More plushies came after the Shellos - two birds in this case!
2014-06-24 15.52.282014-06-24 16.10.37
A big Torchic and a Staraptor Banpresto plush! I put Makoto (my Chespin) there for a size comparison with the Torchic because he's so big~ He was a last second buy because I wanted to get a Torchic plush some day but the chibi-looking ones looked too weird, but this one has got the actual proportions and I really like that :>
The Staraptor is a plush I've wanted for some time, as I used to have a Staraptor in my Diamond game but unfortunately I lost her, so I wanted to have a Staraptor plushie and call her Mukku in her memory. She's very chubby and squishy and sits perfectly at the top of my hand!

And finally, some figures!
2014-07-02 14.39.09
These were from chromapika! I was looking for that Lucario bottlecap figure and fortunately she had one so I got it - I got the chance to assemble him since he still was MIP, and she even included the plastic wrapper and booklet it came with! I had never seen one of these wrappers in real life yet, I had only seen them in animes so it was a surprise, heheh.
I also got a couple of Kids (because everybody loves Kids) from chromapika - Gligalith and Heliolisk. I don't usually like attack Kids but Gligalith looks wonderful when using Stone Edge. Heliolisk looks so mad and adorable~

As for my questions, my first one would be - how do you take the dust off your PokéDolls? I've always kept my Riolu on my table, shelf or bed so she's been exposed to dust, and when I compared her to my newest PokéDolls I felt that her "fur" is not as cuddly as it used to be. I've seen some tutorials for washing plushies here, but she's not stained and my only concern is to take the dust off her.

And my last question is - is there anybody who's got any of the Topps European Pokéball candy figures? I saw these until 2008-ish and since they were expensive and rare to find in my town I didn't have the chance to collect the ones I wanted. I've seen some community posts offering them but they were old so I wanted to know if anybody's still selling them, and for how much.
There's some of the few pictures I've found of them (pictures are not mine):

European Topps candy container Pokéballs 4
I'm mainly looking for the weather trio and Blaziken, but if you have more in which I'm interested (or something from my wants in general) I might get these too. My wants list is here!

I think that is all! I'm keeping two exciting news for my next post so see you next time c:
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