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GETS! And a CHARMING Auction :D

The other day I decided to go into Kmart and decided to take a look at the pokemon cards they had in stock. I said to myself I would try to save some money by holding off a heliolisk collection buuut...

I stumbled upon the Brilliant thunder themed deck! It was the last one left too ;v;
I love the little deck box that it came with, I've never bought a real pokemon deck like this before! A shame the coin wasn't also heliolisk but I still love mega charizard y :D
Does anyone want the deck code for $1-$2?

Look, he's also featured on the deck mat!! I've never had a deck mat before either ;-; but I think I'm going to just keep everything inside the box for easy display :)

And I got 2 other items today! One of which came in this huge mystery box o_o

Another big box!! But what's in that? NOPE, In this huge box was...

awwww yis I've been wanting this figure for AGES and after another failed attempt at buying from amazon, I finally got this in the mail today!
I'm going to be completely honest though, the paint job isn't perfect, and his tail hinge seems to be quite loose I guess? Does anyone else with the figure have the same problem? I know the figure was MIP so I might just be unlucky or it might be the case for all..BUT I'm still really happy, I am posing him looking up at the computer at the moment ahaha.
Would anyone be interested if I did a full review of the figure lately? The price seems to just be going up and up and if people are on the fence about buying one before they are out of reach I would be happy to answer some questions about it honestly.

And finally! I decided to give ShoppingMallJapan a go, first purchase no commission fee sounds great, I thought. But I still ended up paying 3x the amount of the actual item siiighhhh. I don't think I will be using deputy services in the future if I can help it, ebay's rip off sellers don't sound so bad after looking through the fees.

Finally got my charizard pokedoll charm :) And since I don't need the others and I'm down on some money I am going to be auctioning off the other 3 charms. They are all in EXCELLENT condition, just like new :D
Click the image to go to the auction page :)
Tags: auction, blastoise, charizard, gets, mewtwo, venusaur
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