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Small sales & things for offer

I have a few things up for sale and a couple for offers today!

Offers will end 10pm EST on the 14th of July!

Here is a countdown!

I am shipping from Canada, rates start at ~$7.50 for the mirror and pouch.

First up is this Eevee mirror!

It's actually a fair size, about 6" long by 8" tall, and the lid flips open (see pics below).

This yellow plastic square mirror with a semi-transparent "I <3 Eevee" cover was won in a crane game, it has been kept in mint condition.

You can also flip the lid past 180° to stand the mirror up (not pictured!) so it's definitely also a function piece of merchandise. :D
I will be taking offers from $25!

Next up is this little coin! It features Sylveon, Eevee, and Pikachu.

Please start this at $5!
(This one can be shipped as a flat)

I'm also parting with my Happy Party Time Eevee pencil case - it doesn't have the hang tag, but it's pretty much still in new condition. Asking $18 straight sale!

Finally, we have a Slowpoke pokedoll up for grabs! Tag and plush are both in excellent condition - I'm asking $35 OBO for this little guy.
Shipping is $12 worldwide and $15 to other parts of Canada.

Happy bidding!
Tags: eevee, flareon, pikachu, pokedoll, sales, slowpoke, sylveon, umbreon
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