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Introduction Post

Hi there everyone! I'm new to the community and LiveJournal! ^_^ I'm latias_girl and it's a pleasure to meet you all! Just in case this gets too long, I'm going to put my intro under the cut~

I got into Pokémon when a card commercial came on TV, (it was for the Rising Rivals card series I think) and I saw the Houndoom card that was showed, and I loved dogs very much at the time, so I thought it was the coolest thing and started collecting cards. Weird way to get into Pokémon huh?
So collecting cards eventually led me to the anime (I even remember the first episode I watched - "Sleight of Sand!" XD) (Also, back then I did not know it was an anime, so I thought the Japanese writing on the buildings were some made up language XD It wasn't until later that it was an anime from Japan.) and it went on from there and then I went through a Pokémon hiatus after watching the episode after "Jostling for the Junior Cup" of the Black and White: Rival Destinies series. Unfortunately I have not watched any episodes after that till this day.
Moving along, a few years ago, I started collecting plushes when I won a Turtwig Toy Factory plush in a claw machine on my vacation in Hawaii. After that I would eventually buy plushes every now and then at Walmart or Target. That is, until I discovered plushes from outside of the US online about a year or 2 ago. I took a liking to PokéDolls especially, because the style was just too adorable. >///< So I guess you could say that I really got into collecting then. :) Since then my collection has grown with PokéDolls, Banpresto, Pokécen, and various other kinds of plushes.
I don't really collect specific Pokémon or specific plushes, I just get whatever catches my eye. However, I would like to get some more merch of my favorite Pokémon: Latias. That and maybe more merch of my other favorites such as Victini, Charizard, Zekrom, and a large list of more. :)
Other that plushes, I also sometimes get charms, clearfiles, keychains, and other miscellaneous items. ^^
And after all that stuff, (Sorry if I'm boring anyone!) you might be wondering: How did I come across pkmncollectors? It's kind of simple really. I was looking for a grail of mine, the Latias PokéDoll, and tons of pictures came from pictures of collections here! So I checked it out, and this place seemed very awesome! There were other people who loved collecting just as much as I did! And there were just plain awesome collections! However, I did not have a LiveJournal, and I was too shy to make one. So I kinda stalked it for about a year. ^^; But then the other day, I decided to finally make a LiveJournal.
So, why join? As stated above, I finally saw people who loved to collect as much as I did (because I know no one who collects Pokémon in real life, so it got kind of lonely...) and I wanted to try to make friends! Also, I was hoping to find merch cool and rare merch for my collection, and to join in the fun you all seem to have here!

So after all of that, thank you for reading! I plan on posting my collection soon!
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