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Small, cheap sales~I

My sales arnt nearly as cool as some other members, but I hope you will consider anyway ^^ feel free to haggle within reason on anything OBO :)


•Sales permission given by allinia 6/11/14
•I have 3 cats, but they are both inside and outside so I would think the fur would be aired out, my dad is allergic but does ok :) I will remove all fur possible on items if spotted.
•My home is smoke free!
•all pkmncollectors rules apply!
•I will do holds as long as needed if committed, because I know how it is! However, if you back out bc "you don't want it anymore." I may leave negative feedback, neutral at the least. It's ok to back out of a quote so no worries on that part ^^ I'm not heartless, I understand that relatives may get sick, you may have got hurt, or you lost your job, I totally get that and I will NOT give you a hard time, bc life happens sometimes :(
• I have the right to refuse service to people who I don't feel comfortable with
• I only ship in the US from Mississippi, I will do flats internationally though! Middlemaning is fine by me :)
• tracking is an extra dollar, so mention it if you want it :)
•I plan to ship flats in an envelope but I will send in a bubble mailer if requested!
• I will only take paypal and concealed cash for orders under  $10, and if that's the case, Comment that you want it and then pm the address!
• payment is to

I am open to trades!

Sorry for the bad quality ><
both shirts are OBO, pikachu and friends $20 shipped and pikachu $15 shipped first is a male medium and the second a female medium, both bought from hottopic!

Stickers a dollar each, if you want to buy all of them I'll throw two in for free 030

squirtle and mew sticker $1.50

Japanese mudkip petit hang tag detached 11 shipped

purloin Halloween plush that had her headstring fall off 15 shipped obo
imageEevee chupa 6.50 Shipped

Mini gardevoir lot (will not separate) $8.50 shipped
Spoopy pikachu from pokemon center online 17.50 shipped (this is a deal since it cost 20 shipped!)
Tomy chespin 6.50 shipped
Tags: sales
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