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Sales post!

Please enjoy another exciting installment of ShinyV's sales! C:
Last update: 21 February 2014

Here's my feedback! I was grandfathered into having sales permission.

DON'T DELETE YOUR COMMENT! I regularly clear out comments, but if you delete your own comment on my post, it's shown as (Deleted comment) for a long time which looks totally ugly :(

I ship from the US. Shipping usually starts at about $2.50 for figures shipped within the US. I'm happy to ship international, though prices have gone up recently and it may take me up to a week or two to have your things sent out.
I will hold items for you as long as you let me know up front that you need a hold, and as long as you keep me updated with when you'll be paying (within reason). I accept Paypal and concealed cash.
Once you ask about an item, you have 24 hours to get back to me about buying or not. If I don't hear from you, I'll be deleting your comment and selling to the next person!
Haggling and trades are more than welcome, so feel free to link me to your sales post! In general, I like Vulpix stuff, Emolga, and Portal/Ace Attorney/Zelda/Nintendo/Valve/gaming merch. You can see my wants list HERE!
My house is critter-friendly! I have two cats that are often in the same room as sales things, but sales things are generally boxed and out of the way of them. Cat hair may or may not sneak into your package, and for that I apologize. Most things I sell are pre-owned and come from lots on Y!J, eBay, etc, so I can't guarantee whether past owners were in pet-free households or not.
If you thought your buying experience with me was *~totally rad~* you can leave me some feedback here!

Right-click a picture and then view image for larger versions! If you could link to the pictures the items you want are in, it'd be super helpful!
This post is Ctrl + F friendly!

Most items are secondhand - expect small/minor marks unless otherwise noted. I try to mention significant condition details but I may miss something since I have so many items. Please ask for item specifics if that's a concern!

$3 Diglett, Snorlax applause plush, Pikachu tissue holder MIP (?), Pikachu ID holder
$8 Snivy Pokecen plush

Zukan and various figures!
$1 Aggron zukan piece (no tail)
$2 Medicham zukan
$3 Swampert, Magmortar zukan, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan posable figures
$4 metallic (hollow plastic) Porygon
$30 or best offer - Espeon V-Trainer (tiny tiny marks on whites of eyes, otherwise great)

Japanese beans! These are brand new and straight out of their boxes - I can ship them in their display boxes, just ask! Shouldn't add much more to the package weight.
$2 Azurill, Pichu, Treecko, Chikorita
$3 Taillow, Minun, Mudkip
$5 Castform, Skitty

$1 Pikachu, Chimchar, Regigigas cars, Drapion, Koffing, Palkia, both Squirtles
$2 Charizard, Treecko mini gacha machine, Alakazam, Meowth
$3 Raikou, Celebi tops, Totodile thinkchip

$1 Marshtomp, Slaking, Elekid kids, Machamp, Drowzee stamps, Meowth, Horsea dome figures (some marks on cases)
$2 Primeape, Charmander (mark on belly), Articuno and Togepi stamps

All are $1 except:
$2 Minun bobblehead, Regice
$3 Cutest Squirtle Ever
Mewtwo Cacturne Medicham Wobbuffet Meowth Slaking Charmander Charizard Manaphy Elekid

$1 Psyduck stamp, Meowth keychain, Totodile thing, Krookodile coin, Gyarados, Kadabra, Togepi
$2 Chansey, Hypno keshimon, Arbok, Axew, Pignite, & Munna metal figures, Entei bottlecap figure
$3 metallic (hollow plastic) Machamp and Chansey

$1 Psyduck, Zapdos x2 x1, Wynaut, Pinsir, running, sitting, and diorama Munchlax
$2 Deoxys, Mewtwo, Blaziken (mark on nose), Togepi bell keychain, Munchlax bottlecap

All $1 except:
$2 green James, orange Ash, red Minun, yellow Torchic and Psyduck Peru figures
Kadabra Chansey Machop Magneton Mr. Mime Pinsir Rhydon Electabuzz Treecko Kakuna

All $1!
Yellow: Moltres Weepinbell Ekans Porygon Geodude Kabuto Graveler Oddish Zapdos (missing tail)
Green: Seadra Ditto Tangela Blastoise Zubat Drowzee Mewtwo Charmeleon Snorlax Rattata Jigglypuff
Blue: Venomoth Blastoise Porygon Cubone Mr. Mime Charmeleon Golem Koffing Psyduck
Purple: Fearow Seaking Krabby Butterfree Beedrill Staryu Seadra
Red: Kangaskhan x2 Starmie Metapod x2 Poliwhirl Venomoth Charmander NidoranF Hitmonchan Poliwrath

$.50 McD's Zekrom, Tepig, Zorua, Zoroark
$1 BK Charmander (works!), Squirtle, Slowpoke, Tauros, Magnemite

Neat little plastic standees from Argentina! A few of these guys are sold, but I have a bunch left over! (Can be shipped flat/taken apart in an envelope!)
$3 each! Available: Sandshrew, Clefable, Paras x2, Squirtle x4

The top rows are bubble stickers! Pretty old and I don't think they're legit, but they're pretty neat either way. I have several duplicates!
Closeup of the stickers
Full sheets: $2 (Bulbasaur page x1, Sandslash page x1, Pikachu page x3)
Individual stickers: $.25 each (minimum $1 purchase, please!)
$2 Action Flipz booster x3
$5 Crystal Guardians booster
$1 Hoppip, Zapdos, Haunter tazos

$5 lot of various chips/pogs from Israel, all MIP!
Groudon Solrock Rayquaza Blastoise Armaldo Skorupi Cranidos Magnezone Wormadam Electivire Rhyperior

Teeny tiny little "N64 CARD"s. (Shiny Pikachu, is that you??) Some of these have basic pose and attack pose cards, and some are holo. Neat!
$.25 each
Kangaskhan Gyarados Jynx Ditto Magneton Primeape Starmie Jolteon Blastoise Scyther Gengar Machamp Tauros Chansey Venusaur Pikachu Electrode Golem Arcanine Cloyster Articuno Snorlax Alacazam Nidoqueen Hypno Nidoking Aerodactyl

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