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Jakks plush availability dilemma and a request for your opinion

Hi guys,
I'm sorry for bothering you so soon after my last post, but I'm in a bit of a poke-dilemma and I didn't want to wait another few days to not get any sleep because of this! If anyone would be so kind as to provide some input, I'll be grateful.

Last year the Jakks Pacific pokemon production shut down (or something to that degree) and as such the series 6 black and white plushies were not distributed at large. This included Pansear, Darumaka and Winter Deerling. I was only interested in obtaining the former and the latter, and was fortunate enough to have a Pansear sold to me on this site several days back. <3

However, I have yet to find the final deerling. I am unsure as to how many of these were actually ever released (and if anyone has any idea on this, please let me know! because I still have no idea), and if there is any chance that I will ever get to find one (particularly since it's been a year since it's release and what with things irl distracting me at the time, I had no idea that finding one would ever be an issue!!). This is where I'm asking for your advice/input/opinion.

Do you think there is ANY likelihood that this last deerling will come up in future sales on this community (or on any other sites that you could recommend searching?), or do you think I should give up my other three? I have slight (okay, MAJOR) OCD so it's an either all or none situation, though I'd really rather not give up the others if I could help it (the spring deerling was my first pokemon plush, and one that a relative gave me so I'm particularly attached to it!) but if there's NO chance I'll ever find it, I will have no other choice.

I'm rather conflicted as to what I should do, and honestly, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't losing sleep over it, which is why I need to come to a decision. Any advice would be appreciated!
What do you think I should do??

Thank you!!
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