raymence (raymence) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shiny sssnake

Hi guys! Last weekend I was busy with this guy:

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I decided to make a beaded shiny Rayquaza because
1. I don't have a shiny Rayquaza yet!
2. today, Germany is playing in the football worldcup and I thought they could need a little bit of luck. Asian dragons are supposed to bring good luck, aren't they? Especially when the colors fit XD

The weather here is very grumpy today. That's why I couldn't profit from nice sunlight when taking the photos :/

Am I the only one who's thinking he's smiling? o.O
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Come on, stop biting your tail!
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Guess he likes wrapping. And sitting on stones. :)
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What do you think of him? Any tips? Is there anybody who also has some beaded pokemon? :)
Tags: rayquaza
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