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Fighting birds collection update! + some trades/sales!

I received some really, REALLY nice items for my Blaziken and Hawlucha collections!

Check them out!

Let's start from the classic, shall we?
Until a few weeks ago, I had no proof this clear kid existed. I KNEW it had to be out there somewhere, but I had never seen a picture of it not even on Japanese collection sites! Then it popped up in an auction, and I couldn't believe it! I actually feared it wasn't clear since it wasn't easy to tell from the picture... but now, upon receiving it, I can confirm she's indeed a clear Blaziken! This completes my Blaziken kids collection... so far, at least. What a relief!

Greek Tazo from the GA I hosted. Really unique little item.

Banpresto keychain! I didn't expect it to be so big and detailed, it has to be my favorite mega figure so far ;w;

...on the other hand, the keshipoke is SUPER TINY. So glad I was able to get it now that it's still easy to find rather than wait until it becomes impossible to get one, since she was the super rare of the set.

Netsuke Strap. A cute little figure with a cool matching black and red Pokéball. Stylish!


BABY'S FIRST FIGURE. The TOMY is perfect. Perfect, I say. It has a super nice texture too (I hated the older, super smooth sticky plastic, so glad they switched to this new material). Best bird, best figure.

Kokeshi charm! I didn't expect hawlucha to be featured in anything and instead look! WHAT A CUTE BIRD.

LOOK AT THIS SUPER CUTE CLEARFILE. Hawlucha is super cute. Her design is perfect for such a colorful cute promotion, even if she is as grumpy as ever even here? C'mon baby smile a bit! The clear file is awesome, looks makde of traditional Japanese paper! Such a unique look.
..oh, and there's some other Pokémon on the clear file, too. Nice to see so many birds!! Xatu and Torchic are also super adorable!!

... but yeah, I was saying. HAWLUCHA!

I didn't get anything else from this promotion as I have no use or interest for super girly stuff. The only other thing I'd want but didn't get is one of Hawlucha's stickers from the seal set or maybe the towel? They're not a high priority at all though, since the clearfile is probably the best flat item in this promotion!
.. But no, I really want the sticker. Anyone has a spare Hawlucha sticker or two or three for me? XD

After all this cute, let's have some manly, shall we? Mega Lucario fighting box! Can you guess why I got it? No? What are you even doing on this page.


WHY HADN'T I BEEN INFORMED OF THIS INSERT IN THE BOX? LOOK AT THAT ART. LOOK AT MY MAJESTIC BIRD LADIES BATTLING IT OUT. NGHHH. Oh there's some other guys too. This is such neat art, i wish there were posters or clearfiles or ANYTHING REALLY with it. Or I could just frame this because. MAJESTIC.

I was a bit disappointed though because I had bought a magazine (which you probably saw on top of this post) that featured the same exact art on the cover so I was like... what a waste of money... then I turn the magazine over and...

SWEET ARCEUS. HOW SMASHING. BABY GOT FEATURED IN BASICALLY ALL PROMO ART FOR THIS SET. Tell me she's not perfection and you'll be flattened with a Flying Press in a second. You've been warned.

The inside of the magazine didn't disappoint either. There were screenshots from Hawlucha's debut episode...

... and from the movie short!

AND I'M NOT DONE YET! More new art on this little notebook! I would have never even DREAMED to have so much non-stock art for Hawlucha in my collection. I am so happy she's getting so much attention (and yes, I know the one in the anime will likely be male, but I can't help but refer to all Hawluchas as female since my in-game one is a girl!).

To think I almost snobbed Klefki's short. because of all that pink, cute....rainbows... is that a bird in the sky? Is it a plane? Is it Superman maybe?

OF COURSE NOT, SILLY. But Superman is a cool nickname for Hawlucha, I admit.

I also got more Hawlucha things but since they all feature her stock art I'll just link you to her collection page instead: http://www.crowmonster.com/plasticclaws/main/hawlucha/

If you're sick of birds, then look at these other cool guys I pulled from the Rising Fist booster packs that were included in the box:

Aww yeah...! sadly I didn't pull either Blaziken or Hawlucha :( BUT I HAVE A PLAN FOR THAT- keep on reading! Specially if you like cards! I promise, no more birds.

In my Mega Lucario Box, I pulled a few cards I am not really interested in, so I'm offering them to you guys together with some other stuff! INCLUDING A DRAGONITE EX FULL ART CARD! And cute Kokeshi charms!

I was granted sale permission in 2007, and I have my feedback here. But for now I'd really rather trade these things instead of selling them. However if you're really interested in buying instead of trading, we can figure out a price together for these things.

Dragonite EX Full Art, Machamp, a Soccer Pikachu promo, Tierno and Shauna cards, and Strong Energies.

Uncommon cards: Glaceon, Hypno, Jynx, Politoed, Leafeon and a few trainer cards.

Common cards: Hitmonchan, Poliwhirl, Makuhita, Minun (with a Mienshao in the background), Weepinbell, Poliwag, Eevee, Machop, Gothita, Clefairy, a trainer card and some fighting energies.

Now for non-cards:

Kokeshi charms of Pikachu, Farfetch'd, Froslass.
Hoping to trade for a XATU charm!

(I lied when I said no more birds sorry)
Clear Blaziken and Combusken kids. They're not in the best condition, and previous owner cut the tips of Blaziken's "antennae". Willing to trade or sell these (for maybe $15 shipped for the set?), I'd just like them to go to good homes or I'll just hold onto them!

Here's a list of the things I'm currently seeking that I'd love to trade for:

Rising Fist Japanese cards:
HAWLUCHA, BLAZIKEN, Torchic, Combusken, Breloom, Accelgor, Machoke, Magmar, Plusle.
got them, thanks niraito :)

Kokeshi Japanese promotion: Hawlucha stickers, Xatu charm

and of course EVERYTHING in this page: MY WANT LIST!

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