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A Couple Questions ^_^

Hello Guys,

I'm here to post a few questions that I want answers for.

Im only 15 years old so obviously I don't have a paypal account. Am I allowed to use my dad's paypal? No.
but that question hasn't been asked to him for a while now :]
So I can't buy anything with it :[
So I was going to ask this community if there are any other methods to pay for items I want.
Trading is one, I have used it several times with other anime items.
I will not use money orders cause I think it's too risky.
Any other ways?

Also, I know there is this kid figure of Pikachu charging or something, anyone know what I'm saying?
How much are they?

There is this evolution of Gardevoir ( I think I spelled it right.)
It's like fighting type and it has legs o.o
I recently saw it in the 10th pokemon movie with Darkrai , Palkia , and Dialga
can I also have a picture of it as well? If you can.
The DX version too.

Last question, is there a groudon zukan? cause Groudon's awesome ^_^


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