Laura! ♫ (laurakitazawa) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Laura! ♫

Adopt my megas!

Hey collectors! ;u;/

The purpose for this post is to hopefully rehome a couple of charms that I made. I originally sculpted these cuties for my own personal collection, but decided to part with them since they aren't part of my main collection. So I offer them up to you!
Under the cuts you'll find the photos of them I use on my deviantART to show them off, as well as a few images to show all aspects of their fabulousness, and I'll start offers at the price I usually accept commissions for, since I won't be too keen to make them again anytime soon - get them while you can!



~ Sales permission granted 15/3/2013 by allinia and my (out of date) feedback can be found here.
~ I ship from a pet friendly home in the UK to anywhere in the world.
~ Shipping is included in the offer price.
~ I accept PayPal as preferred payment method and currently accept trades for custom plush.
~ Backing out from committment will result in negative feedback being given.
~ Each charm is wrapped carefully but they are fragile and accidents can happen, a spot of glue easily fixes this.

Mega Charizard Y - offers start at $25



Mega Sceptile - offers start at $25



Thanks for looking! My next post will have some gets and sales - including Sylveon items. ;o;
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