selwylde (selwylde) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ninetales Tomy Figure help

Hello everyone :) Recently I've gotten into repainting figures and I bought a second Tomy Ninetales to paint it shiny, but when I compared it to the other Tomy I got I noticed it's a bit different, even though there aren't defects or huge flaws on it.

Is it possible that they are both legit despite the differences? I bought the right one here in the comm and the left one on Y!J from a seller who had many more Tomy figures for sale, and they looked legit to me. I wouldn't mind if one of them is a bootie, but I don't want to paint the original one and display a bootleg as if it's the real deal. :/

I'm a newbie when it comes to Tomy Figures and bootlegs, so is anybody willing to take a look at them and tell me their opinion? I'd really appreciate it!

Here are the pictures I took, let me know if you need a particular angle and I'll take a picture for you.

In this picture it looks like the last line is missing on the right figure, but it's just the lighting. It's there, even though it looks a bit less engraved than the "Tomy" mark.

Thank you everyone for your help, I'm glad they're both legit!
Tags: figures, ninetales, tomy
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