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Lucario's July Sales and Offers!

Howdy folks! Today I bring you a variety of things I've had stashed in my personal collection, and some pretty cool flats!
I have a Pokemon Cafe cushion, Growlithe canvas and other sweet plush needing new homes. Not to mention some interesting flats and toys.
Hat! Stickers! Cards! Plush! Come have a nose around!

Sales Rules:
- My Mum and I ship worldwide from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is >> here <<

My specific rules:
- If you do not ship internationally in your sales or auctions, I will not ship to you. I will check.
- Prices are for shipped items. I will lower totals for combined shipping.
- I will hold other items whilst you bid on an item in my offers, if you are committed to buy the held item.

and more!

Eevee Dex charm set - $50 shipped

Pracoro card, token and guidebook lot: $15 shipped

Pokemon centre Poli hankie - clean and ironed with one small ink mark on it - $10 shipped

Pachirisu Canvas - mint condition, tush only - $15 shipped

Pink Fleece Pokeball hat - official and unworn - $10 shipped

Sticker scene pack - New and unused - $15 shipped

White mark on the sticker sheet is a reflection on the glossy paper.

DS Case - Unused - $12 shipped - fits 3DS, etc but no XL

Charizard Dot Sprite Phone Charm - Opened but mint - $15 shipped

I Love Pikachu 11" Zip Pouch - MWT - $25 shipped

I love Pikachu DX 16" - MWT - $40 Shipped

Pikachu comics - take both for $12 shipped

Jakks Dewott - $12 Shipped - clean
15 - lHPSa9g

Super fuzzy Pikachu backpack - $30 shipped - new condition, fits teenager or slim adult
22 - 4ExEXLn

Vaporeon - Legit plush with both paper tags, despite photo - $20 shipped

Charizard treat keeper - $10 shipped
42 - SpsuoZE

14" minky Tomy Oshawott - $30 (shipping not included)
28 - iKdbIc5

Unown - MWT - $12 shipped
39 - 1JC34nl


** Offers end Midday Saturday GMT **
>> Timer link here <<

Growlithe Canvas - Good condition, clean, no paper tag, tush tag mint - Offers start at $30

Pokemon Cafe Cookie Cushion MWT - Offers Start at $50
Minky with embroidered letters and applique details. Tag opens to show art from the promotion inside. Tag slightly curved.

Raichu "Friends" Bandai plush - Offers start at $15

Banpresto velveteen charmander - smooth velvety fur, plastic eyes and beans in butt, a strange little plush - Offers start at $20
Sort of 'glows' in sunshine and photos. Tush tag mint, no paper tag.

Tomy Mew (not 1:1, the medium sized one) - Great condition - Has paper tag & tush, paper tag is creased - Offers start at $35
5tHPuet NnQrXa7
Tags: charizard, growlithe, kyurem, lapras, mew, panpour, pansage, pansear, plush, raichu, sales, snorlax
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