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Introduction Post

Hiya everyone! I'm McKenna Stricker, otherwise known as ToketsuHana. I'm 17 years old and am currently living in Montana. I first got into Pokèmon when my big brother let me borrow a his Ruby version. I have been in love with the franchise ever since. My favorite pokèmon are Glaceon, Vulpix, Ninetales, Eevee and the rest of its evolutions, and Articuno. I never really collected much merchandise, except for the cards. That was until I stumbled across this wonderful community and saw all of the gorgeous plush! I was instantly drawn towards the pokedolls. I wanted to buy so many, but alas, I don't have PayPal! If you're still reading, HOORAY! I'm really excited to meet all of you wonderful people and see you're beautiful collections! Now, on to my measly but growing collection!

My three plush that I currently own. A Jakks Mantyke, a 2010 U.S. Jolteon Pokedoll, and a 2013 Japanese Blastoise Pokedoll.

A pretty Charizard and Garchomp TCG coin.

A Chespin pin. ( tee hee)

Dark Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon cards.

A near mint Vaporeon Jungle Holo.

Radiant Collection Mew and Shaymin Sky Form FA EX. I love the Radiant Collection! So sparkly... ***

Radiant Collection FA Reshiram and Emolga.

Light Flareon Japanese card.

Yveltal EX FA. I love this card.

Blaine's Vulpix because oh my goodness ALL THE HUGS! Look at that little face!

Reverse Holo rare Ninetales.

Holo Umbreon

Mint Dragonite. (Sorry for the poor quality. I really need a better camera.)

And last but not least, my mint Eevee. I have many more cards, these are just some of my favorites. Well thanks to all those that made it through this huge post. I will be getting a few goodies here soon, so I'll post when they come in. Thanks again!

Tags: blastoise, flareon, jolteon, tcg, vaporeon

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