Chris (ushigofasweet) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update 3/3

Well, it has been over a year since I last did a collection update,, last June, oopsy ^^; However, those were for Foongus and Heatran.
I just figured that I should take advantage of some free time to take some crappy pictures!

I don't want to bore you guys with a description of every figure, but if you have any questions, please ask!
I was taking everything off my shelf to dust it, so I figured I should just take pictures for an update.

Assorted kid figures and my larger puffers
the exciting clear kid

Some of my little puffs i need a rainbow of jigglypuffs

Some miscellaneous figures, like the two cereal figures, and the rolling stamper with no bottom D:

some of the less flat, flat things

My sad collection of wigglytuffs need a rainbow here too!

even smaller collection of Igglybuffs D:

The old tomy figures that I put 'seductive' googly eyes on
just because it amuses me

All the plushes that I have
I am on the look out for a pokedoll, but that'll never happen :/

Some custom puffers my my mom (the largest one)
the right one given to me by melodicrevival
and the last one was a present from maractus for my birthday last year

The first half of jigglypuff flats

The second half of flats

Igglybuff flats

Wigglytuff flats

and customs, most are by me, but some were gifts
oh and a few stickers that I haven't dealt with yet.

SO that was my super boring but still intense collection update.
This collection has not been very active, which is why I am not as excited as I should be.

Once I get around to it, there should be a sales post in the future, some collection weeding, but also some random stuff from lots and whatnot.
and maybe one day there will be an inkay collection update.
Tags: igglybuff, jigglypuff, wigglytuff
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