noibatcutie (noibatcutie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Darkrai Lot lowered~!

Hey ya'll~! I'd just like to give a big thank you to everyone who gave me awesome collection/college advice~! ^ -^ I feel more confident of what I'm going to do~ And I finally got a dorm~! :DD Just waiting for a roommate now~ ^ -^

I've also been selling a bunch of stuff as the time comes closer, and my short-lived Darkrai collection needs a new home~! I'm lowering the price to $22 shipped anywhere in the US in a bubble mailer. I'll be sure to wrap everything super nicely so it won't be damaged, but if you'd like a box instead I could get a quote~ ^ -^

Here's the link to it and a preview picture~ ^ -^
Thanks guys! :D

Also..I probably shouldn't be asking as I really need to stop buying things...but I was wondering if I could commission a plush maker for a tiny Dusclops plush? Feel free to shoot an offer~! I'd really like to bring a tubby mummy plush to college with me~ ^ -^ Thanks~! :D
Tags: darkrai, sales
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