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Collection update - Dream nomming edition

Drozee & Hypno collection
Hi! I'm iaibou, and while I have been pretty quiet in
the  community for a  while I have  received  some
new items, and it was such a wonderful sunny day
to  do some shelf  cleaning that I  decided to  took
pictures of my main ( albeit kinda small ) collection.

You should be able to get a 900x900 picture by copy/pasting the url
the picture to a new window :3 But here's my collection as a whole
( excluding some items still on their way ). As you can see Drowzee
gets more love than Hypno, even thou' Hypno is my main main
collection pokémon ; u ; I am waiting and holding my breath to have
Hypno included in a pokémon center promo one day!

A close up of the Drowzee non-flats! I am still missing lots of small
mono color figures, metal figures and I think at least one stamp color?
Also I have NEVER seen a clear kid of Drowzee or Hypno ; A ;
those are pretty high on my want list atm.

My loveydovey Hypno pokédoll <333 Always the jewel of my
collection. I really love the zukan too, I think the Hypno figure
is fantastic in it and I just simply fell in love with it. Poor thing
suffers from the 'same pose' syndrome, so it's one of the
reasons I love the figure and the PIN. JUST LOOK AT THAT
     Also for some reason I have misplaced my Hypno kid?
Guess I have to add another one to my want list D: Also is
there Hypno case figures? Like of Drowzee? I've never seen
one, but would love to have some! And that old red stamp
that Drowzee has.

So yea that was my Drowzee/Hypno collection, other than that
I mainly collect psychic pokémon ( as you can spy from the
figures on the background ). I am aiming to have a perfect non-
flat collection of these two as they are my all time favorite
pokémon and rather challenging to bring together I have found.

If anyone happens to have Drowzee or Hypno items that I am
missing please feel free to leave a comment here u v u
Oh and I live in Finland so international shipping would be

Finally, a bit of a wants list:
- clear Drowzee and Hypno kids
- Hypno kid
- Hypno case figures
- old Hypno stamp to match my red Drowzee one
- color based Hypno stamps
- metal figures in colors I don't have
- Hypno coin
- Hypno metal charm ( like my lonely Drowzee one )
- Drowzee tfg figure
- basically anything with these two I'm missing

Two of my main side collections include Mime.Jr and Abra so
feel free to leave me offers for figures/stuff of them too u v u

Thank you for watching! * u *

Tags: collection update, drowzee, hypno, wants
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