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Megan Fleming

Due to computer issues and then not being able to borrow a camera I haven't updated my collection in a long time. but tonight I hijacked my Mom's camera so here's some stuff for y'all.

Overview of my dresser. Forgive the non-Pokestuff. And no, I don't light that candle next to all those plush, lol. Bad idea.

Most of the stuff here is my pre-communtiy collection. The Chansey my brother found on the floor at school years ago and gave it to me, and the Meowth Kid I bought at a fabric store of all places. I didn't know what it was til I joined this community, lol. I bought the three Jakks figures a few days before I joined here actually. Sheildon and Cherubi were freebies from almiraswolf, as was the clear Mime Jr. figure which... I just realized you can't see in this photo, he's behind Claydol next to Meowth though. Lol sorry little dude.

My Baltoy/Claydol and Seedot line collection, currently really small, lol. I've got more flat items, but I'll do flat stuff when I have a way to display it all. All of them are from regen. Claydol Kid is clear though he doesn't look it here.

Bagwooorms. At first I only liked Mothim out of the line but the other two grew on me like... fast growing stuff. I didn't realize the Forretress got cut off, but I group them with the Burmy line cause they're practically cousins. Forretress Kid is from daynipp, Forretress suction cup from warandromance, Burmy Kid from regen iirc, Burmy blok and baseless Trashmadam Chou Get from happyjolteon, Wormadam Kid from denkimouse, crazy-ass-tiny Burmy zukan from majoradrakken, Chou Get with bases from kiraras_lemon.

It's a cute little family ;_; I love these three. *Dork* Spot the baby Anorith is from yaoi_queen, Momma Armaldo Kid is from kiraras_lemon, and Big Bro Anorith Kid is from trainer_irene.

Wurmple-line stuff, currently leaning heavily to the Beautifly side. I haven't seen many non-flat Dustox out there. Anyway, Cascoon, Wurmple and Beautifly (wings back) Kids from stargirlshine, Hasbro Whirlwind-ing Beautifly from nefhithiel, small Beautifly on stand from kiraras_lemon, Dustox Kid from daynipp, Beautifly stamp (barely seeable d'oh) from denkimouse, Beautifly Blok from regen, attacking Beautifly Kid from warandromance.

Illumise and more random stuff. Pinsir suction cup, Illumise Pokedex figure, Illumise Blok, and Weedle clip from regen, Illumise Kid from daynipp, Darkrai, Pichu and Makuhita figures are more freebies from almiraswolf, Mauhita stamp from pheonixxfoxx.

Now for the plush. Aipom, Piplup and Shellos Jakks plush from Wal-Mart, Jakks Pokeball throw-plush Mespirit from Toys R Us. Her ball is in a drawer cause I don't know where to put it lol.

Sudowoodo and Riolu Jakks plush from Wal-Mart again, Wormadam plush from almiraswolf, Contest Plush Treecko from pacificpikachu.

DX Piplup from rinkatink chillin' with his homie.

Now for a custom plush I made quite a while ago. She's really messed up, hence the name. She's also sometimes referred to as Frankenstein's Pocket Monster.

I think her face is what saves me from hating her, for some reason. I Sharpied on some eyelash markings but I forgot to get a good picture of them.

Detail of my horrible stitching. I was gonna do her arms normally but then I remembered I'm bad at turning small narrow things so I chickened out.

Ghetto booty

The way I stitched on her limbs though, she's kinda poseable.

Made with felt, polyester stuffing, fabric marker/paint and Sharpies.

Oh, I finally found card sleeves the other day! Yay! I just went to a different Target than usual and found some. So my TCG/Vs. cards have a home now. I guess I could put other flat stuff in them too, I'll experiment with that a bit.
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