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The time has come ... VHS tapes

My sister is going through all the stuff in my closet back at my parents' house, and apparently I have a large box full of Pokemon video tapes that she'd like to get rid of. They're all in very good (either like-new or gently used) condition, and all play. I bought them back in high school when I was trying to re-watch the show, and I guess the tapes were cheaper than the DVDs. Now I have the boxset for the episodes anyway, so they're all but obsolete.

I doubt anyone is interested in them, but I thought I'd put the feeler out on here before we made a decision. I also have 2 very cute carrying cases (they can hold up to 4 tapes each) that are in good condition. The only tape I'll be keeping is Fashion Victims with Vulpix on the cover, but the others (all of the Indigo series, and a smattering of Gold and Silver clamshell tapes) need to go.

If anyone would like them, I'd only ask that you pay for shipping, which will undoubtedly be pricey. I'm in the Charlotte/Concord area of North Carolina if anyone would rather do a pickup.

Again, I'm pretty sure there isn't much interest here. But thought I'd ask before ditching the collection. :( It makes me sad, but it's really not practical to keep them around anymore.

Pictures of the boxes are under the cut. I didn't ask her to take photos of the videos, but I think everyone can figure out what those will look like, haha. They all have their cardboard/clamshell boxes.


Also, may as well put up my wants list again!


Always actively looking for these Vulpix items. :)


Tags: bulbasaur, charmander, pikachu, raichu, squirtle
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