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Recent Gets, Individual Pokedoll Charms and GA Payment 2 Reminder

Hello everyone! <3 I wanted to share some new gets, along with a sale for individual pokedoll charms and a GA reminder. If this post seems rushed, sorry, my computer already deleted this twice. 8'D

Lets start with gets:

The Oddish plushplush speaks for itself I think. :P Oddish is much smaller than I thought! I should have taken comparison shots with other pokedolls to show the size difference- its leaves are about half of its size. XD

Also, Cyndaquil is a very special pokedoll, because it has a paper tush tag!

Cyndaquil is my third paper tush tag pokedoll- it's become my casual collection within my main Pokedoll collection. I consider them unofficial pieces of my PCNY collection.

Speaking of PCNY, here's another awesome item that arrived this morning:

The statue to end all Pokemon statues. The porcelain beauty thats highly detailed and highly breakable. I present to you, the PCNY statue of Charizard, Pikachu and Pichu flying over NYC.

Pikachu's tail is broken, but that's nothing a little glue can't fix!

*ugly sobs of joy*

And now, one more item to wrap up my gets:

He's cute and highly qualified to fly planes because of his suit: It's Pilotchu!! <33 I think this is one of my top favorite costumed 'chus in my collection now. XD

And now, onto the charm sales! I will be selling individual charms for $6 each plus shipping in your choice of bubble wrap + polymailer or envelope. Please note that my polymailers are rather large for one charm. XDD I will only be splitting a set once all charms have been claimed, and the ring + tag will be $1. If you want to buy a full set, I will have one of each available on my webstore tomorrow.

-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by Entirelycliched
-Feedback is here.
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA and ship anywhere in the world.
-Commitments get priority over quotes. Please make it obvious whether you want a quote or are committing.

Pictures (I forgot to take photos of the fourth set for some reason, sorry!):

Set 1:
Meowstic M:
Meowstic F:
Ring + Tag:

Set 2:
Ring + Tag:

Set 3:
Ring + Tag:

Set 4:
Ring + Tag:

Also, for the Goodbye Extras GA: Payment 2 has been due since June 26th. I didn't have much time to post a reminder, but it has been past the due date by a week now. I am giving another 48 hours from the time of this post, or I'll have to start contacting mods about payments. ^^;

Tagging users that have yet to pay:
astron loveespeon lucario myprettysoldier nasija

So far loveespeon and lucario are the only ones to get into contact with me about the GA, so please contact me ASAP other participants. The details for payment are on this post.

If you have already paid, either your package has already been shipped, or I will be shipping the rest tomorrow and Saturday. Ones that have already been shipped are marked on the spreadsheet. PayPal has been giving me horrendous issues with printing labels and is usually only letting me do 2-3 a day before giving me errors. :\

Sorry for such a lengthy post! I will have a much more fun post in the next day or two, with a big collection update. <3 Thanks everyone!
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