eevee_evs_lover (eevee_evs_lover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Quick Wants!

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone that has sold to me lately! You guys are awesome! My collection grows every day because of you! ^_^
Now to spend more money as I get it tomorrow... lol I have a few wants.


-VULPIX ITEMS!! Looking for mainly figures, keychains, and the cheaper plush (I own the KFC only currently)
-Ninetales items! These are super hard to find! Anyone? lol (figures only)
-Persian Items!! I really really have been lucky lately finding these! lol I need more!! ^_^
-Sylveons of course... only keychains/figures I do not have (you can see what I have at my page- just clicky on my username)
-Glameow figures I don't have/plush ( I believe I only need the laying down curled up plush of her)
-Espeons!! I need the Trump Motif plush still! Looking for a cheap canvas as well, but probably not wanting to by that right now.
-Leafeons (figures only)
-Absols (figures, keychains for now)

ummmm... and cheap skitty/delcatty items as well!

Please and thank you! ^_^ I will post a collection update this weekend probably! :D
Tags: absol, delcatty, espeon, leafeon, ninetales, persian, skitty, sylveon, vulpix
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