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Wanted! Anything skarmory! Looking for pokemon cards as well!

Looking for skarmory merchandise to purchase. :3
I finally have money to buy new skarmories for my collection!

First of all, does anyone have any korean skarmories? I've been looking for a neo genesis one, to no avail. (I already have german, french, japanese, english, and am bidding on a spanish card) I also need the neo genesis italian card. But I'm sure one will pop up one of these days.

This is the only korean skarmory I've seen up for sale, ever. But I've seen photographs of the korean neo genesis one. ;___; it must be extremely elusive.

Next up, Does anyone know if this is for real? I messaged this person, but they've yet to get back to me.

Yet another real/fake verifcation.
So I bought this skarmory card which was in poor condition. It's a japanese card. Has the weight and feel of a japanese card. It's very high quality. The only thing is, the holographic foil seeps through the rest of the card. It's also missing the metallic outer layer that the other neo genesis skarmories have. Otherwise, it's near identical to the other one, with no discrepencies. The holofoil is correct, but seems to lack a certain depth to it. all the pieces are in the right place, but it doesnt skip levels like the regular one does. (ie; you have to tilt the card to the side and rotate to see all the holofoil levels, in this one you only have to tilt.)
I'm wondering if during the printing process, it didnt get the extra metallic level printed on it. As CMYK printers cannot print metallic.
If this is a fake, this is certainly one of the best I've seen. It's even fooled some trained employees who run a pokemon store.

Questionable skarmory on the right

What do you think? Fake or misprint?
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