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Plush Sales

Apologies for 2 entries in 2 days, but due to all the stuff that my parents are trying to get rid of, I found myself needed to downsize myself, or else I'll end up needing a storage unit. :\ So I'm selling off almost all my non-Vulpix, non-Pokedoll plush. Got a couple rare ones, and a few beautiful customs up for grabs.

2014-07-11 09.39.33
2014-07-11 09.39.58

Sales permission granted in 2009 by Linealba
I ship from the US, but I'm a bit of a slow shipper. Expect between 1-2 weeks before items ship.
All plush are in good to new condition. None of them have hang tags. All have tush tags unless noted.

Umbreon and Flareon Pokemon Center Standing Plush - $30 each or best offer
Flareon Sitting Plush - $15
Wobbuffet Jacks Pacific, still talks, no tush tag - $15
Meowstic M and F Pokemon Center Plush - $20 each
Oddish Jacks - $15
Wooper Jacks - $17
Wobbuffet (smaller) (no tush tag) - $8
Raichu Canvas - $50
Pichu Tufty with Leaf (leaf has some light damage) - $50
Charizard mini plush (no tags) - $5 or free with purchase
Meowstic pair commission by Bubble Rhapsody - $50 each, or $90 for the pair. They're made of minky fabric, very soft, embroidered eyes, VERY detailed with plastic noses and cute. Offers also considered.

2014-07-11 09.39.33
2014-07-11 09.39.39
2014-07-11 09.39.45
2014-07-11 09.39.58
2014-07-11 09.40.06
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