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Back from NYC/Collection Update

Good day fellow collectors! I hope everyone's enjoying the summer/winter weather! :D

I was recently on the east coast and got to spend a day in NYC. It's not hard to guess where my favorite stop was:

I've been after a 1/1 Chespin for a while, and I finally managed to pick one up...along with a few other things. xD
Me in Nintendo World!

Here's what I ended up buying:
Collection update 711 008
I haven't been wanting a litleo plush for a while, and the bunnelby pokedoll charmed me instantly. I'm also a fan of Amaura, and Espurr's just...espurr. x3

An update to my oddish collection:
Collection update 711 002
The megablok and an adorable custom badge! I also have a few other things coming, so expect another update soon.

My seedot collection is also growing with my second custom plush, kid figure, and custom badge:
Collection update 711 004
If anyone knows the artist of the plush, please let me know! (It was from the Goodbye extras GA)

Finally, I bought a sylveon pokedoll. Not sure why, but he's pretty cute:
Collection update 711 005

Quick WANTS:
All oddish items I don't already have. Non-flats are preferred for now! :D
MEGA STONES for the MEGA RING: Mine's on the way and I'd like to play around with it. Pokevault has a few for $15 but I think that's a bit high. Is it?

Finally, a quick question: What website creator is good for collection websites? I tried webs but the page number is pretty limited. :/

Edit: If I have bought/sold to/from you, please leave me some feedback. Comment and I will do the same for you! :D
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