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Trades, anyone?

Hello pkmncollectors! I finally got 10 positive feedback here, so I can trade! Yay! \(^o^)/ I have a bunch of stuff to trade, so come have a look!
My feedback:
- Trades only please, since I have no money to spend and I don't have sales permission yet (although I may be able to partial trade with cash if it's something I really want).
- I ship from MI, USA and I am willing to trade internationally, but I would much rather the trade be for more than one thing.
- I will trade with trustworthy people- i.e. those who have sales permission/good feedback.
- Please assume I know the value of my items or I am easily able to look it up because if you try to rip me off, I will probably fall for it

Please excuse the 3DS quality pics (>x<)
Most of these are old, used plush in varying conditions; make sure you check the details first! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Old larger plush
large misc
- piplup- made by Sherwood Brands, has slightly faded tush tag
- large pikachu by TOMY, it once lost its cheeks but a younger me glued some felt on, has wires in its arms and tail so it's posable, has tush tag
- squirtle- has small stain on tummy, string attaching its tail to back is cut, has faded tush tag that just says "Made in China"
- Tomy talking pichu- small stain on face, doesn't talk (probably needs new batteries), has tush tag
- medium-size pikachu- a bit dirty, tush tag cut off
- larvitar with stick- tush tag cut off traded
- Hasbro poliwhirl- has tush tag
- charmander- tush tag cut off
-  magby- tush tag cut off
- wooper- whiskers starting to split, tush tag cut off
- jigglypuff keychain, has tush tag
- igglybuff- tush tag cut off
- clefairy- missing one of its cheek blush, string attaching tail to body is undone, tush tag cut off
- azurill- tush tag cut off
- jigglypuff with black string coming out of its head- has tush tag

Friends plush
- raichu- eye paint is chipped, tush tag cut off
- hoothoot- tush tag cut off
- wigglytuff- slightly dirty, eye paint slightly chipped, has tush tag
- chansey- very small stain on back, right ear has been pulled, tush tag cut off
- smeargle- has tush tag
- snubble- tush tag cut off
- ledyba- left eye paint is slightly chipped, has tush tag but "A" is written on it with black marker
- wailmer- tush tag cut off
- gengar- has tush tag
- kecleon- the white part of its right eye has come off, the felt patterns around its eyes is peeled, tush tag cut off traded
- azurill- has tush tag
- wobbuffet- tush tag cut off
- totodile- tush tag cut off
- elekid- eye paint very slightly chipped, has tush tag
- blissey- eye paint slightly scratched off, tush tag cut off
- ivysaur- eye paint very slightly chipped, has tush tag

Old smaller plush
small misc
- squirtle keychain- tush tag cut off
- golbat BK- has tush tag
- oddish BK- has tush tag
- plusle- slightly dirty, has loop on head for keychain, tush tag cut off
- meowth BK- has tush tag
- grabby squirtle- made by TOMY, has tush tag
- pikachu in back- has hang and tush tag, has long string and keychain on head
- pikachu in front-  no tags, has loop on head, paint is slightly fading, has box inside it- maybe it used to talk?
- poliwhirl BK- tush tag cut off
- togepi BK- has tush tag

Pichu and Togepi small bag/pouch with zipper
- togepi- has tush tag
- pichu- tush tag cut off

Newer plush
new plush
- mewtwo Banpresto movie keychain- MWT
- glaceon standing Pokemon Center- MWT traded
- leafeon standing Pokemon Center- MWT traded
- glaceon Corotto Manmaru Banpresto chibi- MWT

- 12 inch eevee, has no tags traded
- Halloween umbreon- has both tags (but without the Shopro sticker) and even has the UFO string on its head

Eevee and evos bag/pouches- all MWT
eevee bags
Traded: bottom right, middle right

Figures and misc.
figures etc
- glaceon 3DS touch pen
- red genesect soap figure
- leafeon chupa candy figure- MIP
- eevee chupa candy figure- MIP
- genesect chupa candy figure- MIP x2
- mewtwo chupa candy figure- MIP x2
- sylveon screen cleaner strap- MIP traded
- leafeon Eevee Ippai figure- MIP
- sylveon lying down pose Eevee Ippai figure- MIP

Gachapon keychain figures +a pin
- black kyurem in green capsule (different than the other kyurem)
- black kyurem in blue capsule (different than the other kyurem)
- meloetta aria form
- meloetta pirouette form
- keldeo
- samurott pin

Pokemon Center peeking promo goods (all MWT)
- vulpix: phone case traded
- pikachu: mug cup&spoon, handkerchief, phone case (would like to trade as a set) traded
- croagunk: box, phone case, plush, handkerchief (would like to trade as a set)

- pikachu pokedoll ichiban kuji handkerchief
- sylveon Pokemon Center A5 clear file (I have multiples)
- meowth movie promo tretta MIP

And a random pinsir can badge- a bit dented

Things I will only trade for certain things, a bit reluctant to let go of otherwise
- lapras petit MWT- I would like to trade for a larger lapras, like the ILM one or similar so other pokemon can actually be able to ride her now will trade for any wants
- eeveelutions pouch MWT- would trade for certain things in my wants- ask for details
- eevee pouch MWT- would trade for certain things in my wants- ask for details
- fletchling line metal charms MIP- would like to trade for the sylveon metal charm

Click the picture to see my wants! But feel free to offer me something you think I might want that's not on here; I'll look at everything! (^o^)

If you want to trade Pokemon Cards, you can look at my wants/haves here:

Speaking of trades, does anyone want to do some in-game trades (in XY)? I just need 3 more pokemon to complete my pokedex: manaphy, phione, and victini (these can be traded back, but I would love a victini to keep and play with in pokemon amie). I am also looking for these forms of vivillon: archipelago, icy snow, jungle, ocean, river, savanna, sun, tundra, and poke ball. And I need a Korean espeon and French umbreon to complete my in-game multinational eeveelution collection (they must have the Korean/French name, and the KOR/FRE sign)!

Thanks for looking, and have a great day/morning/night!
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