Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wrong figure in package from the comm! Please help!

Hello comm! First off all I will tell you all who have ordered a custom slot from me for my pokemon paintings, that I'm still working on them! But I haven't really much time now through my work so I'm a littlebit slow with them. Will start to post the finished ones this weekend! :3


So to my problem I have:
I have received a package from the comm today (don't know the members name) with my bug figures. A clear nincada and trapinch kid aaaand...instead of my ordered heracross v-trainer - I got a sentret v-trainer. :/
So I just wanna ask, who have ordered the sentret and got MY heracross instead? And if the seller read this: Maybe do you still have the heracross?


Thanks for reading and any help!!

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