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introduction post (:

hey everyone :D i've been stalking (hehe!) this community for pretty long, and sometimes even checking it 2-3 times an hour. oops! haha. been waiting till after my exams (which ended todayyy wooohooo!) so i can finally do a proper introductory post hehe. i was initially pretty scared of joining this but after seeing many new people joining (like i think on one day there was 2-3 new people :D) and posting their introductory posts i wa kinda encouraged (:

oops i forgot to tell ya'll my name! my name's chelsia. but i'm usually called chels for short. and i'm from the sunny but really tiny island of Singapore! D: i've loved pokemon since i was 7, and i'm 17 now. my favourite pokemon since i was little was pikachu, and still is! i still remember on my 9th birthday everyone knew i loved pokemon so much i got a pikachu cake (i have a photo of this somewhere hehe), pikachu bag, pokemon puzzles and clothing and plush as gifts! and i still kept the plush until now (shown in teh cut). i used to play the TCG too! (used to own all the boys at the TCG club heheeee :D) stumbling across this community rekindled my love for pokemanzzzzz, and now i love them more than ever :D

oh no i'm so long winded ): sorry if all this is boring you guys.. i'm quite a talkative girl >< and i'm not really sure what i should write in this post.
on to my collection! :DDD which is super small because i threw away alot of my TCG, toys and plush when i was 13 and mistakenly thought that i had out-grown pokemon. so only a few things were left! mainly the pikaplush :D

my very very first pokemon things i owned :D got them when i was 9 for my birthday! the bigger, fatter one on the right's called fatchu :DD i didn't name the smaller one though. they were left at some really dusty corner of my room for about 8 years (cruel i know ): ) until recently i took them all for a ride in the washing machine! fatchu's black dust marks still aren't totally removed though ): thinking of sending him for dry cleaning. poor fatchu ): and the stuffing in smallchu (?)'s ears were all gone! i had to squeeze them back by sitting on it. haha :D

from left to right, manaphy jakks plush, seel & dratini kfc beanies :D (please pardon my superrr messy table)
i found the manaphy at a small mini-mart near my house. had no idea why they sold pkmn plush there :o must be fate! this is the first pokemon-related thing i bought since probably about 6 years ago.

then i got the seel & dratini kfc beanies at a vintage game store recently! happened to walk by and saw them on display outside :D they are really my pride & joy since it's superduper hard to find pokemon plush in singapore nowadays, since the craze died down here about 6 years ago. there's still TCG and some varities of tomy figures and kids though :D plush are IMPOSSIBLEEE to find here. that's another reason why i joined :DDD to buy plush from fellow pokefanssss here! (:

from left to right, top to bottom: pikachu & mudkip water squirter (i fell in love mudkip one at first sight it's so cute), plusle and minun kids (<3333), pichu, squirtle, bulbasaur and charmander tomys. bought them all in 2 days >< i was thinking of getting the eeveelution tomys as a set but i decided i loved the old school basic three more :D and pichu of course!

a really oldddd light-up pikachu! it's quite tall actually. i found it in some random dusty corner of my room again. look at the amount of dust on it ))))): will be cleaning it properly soon! other than the dust it's actually in really good condition :D surprisingly!

photo of this really high shelf in my room where all the plush are displayed (ranging from 6-9 year old plush untouched since then hahah). i spyyyyyyy with my little eye a 'chuuuuuuu :D if i can remember correctly it's a talking one! that says "pikachu!" in this really cute voice when the lights are turned off! doesn't work anymore though i think. batteries have probably corroded inside o.o i'm actually kinda scared to take it down 'cos i'm pretty allergic to dust and that dustchu is REAALLLYYYY dusty. but i will get down to it soon :DDD

i guess that's all of my collection thus far! really small ): but i'm hoping to expand it by manymanymany more timeeees in the near future hehe! i mainly collect plush, and sometimes kids too. am still trying to find a focus of my collection, but as of now i collect all pokemon plush & figures :DDD especially love piplup/mudkip/pika/minun&plusle ones :DDD

gosh i have been super long-winded.. ): sorry if this post really bored you guys >< i don't really know what to write here.. everyone seems really nice & sweet & friendly! (another reason why i decided to join) :DDDD really hope i get to know some of you better soon. once again thanks for surviving this long post <3 hope you guys have a good weekend ahead!

xoxo, chelsia :D
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