ckoizumi (ckoizumi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Want

Hey Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has a Japanese Mint With Tag Altered Form Giratina Pokedoll that they would be willing to part with for $50 or less shipped.

He is the only one I need to complete my Creation Trio pokedoll set. :> Not to sound picky, but he MUST have his hang tag and tush tag attached.

Pictures for reference:
giratina giratina-2
(Photos do not belong to me. I found them while searching Google Images. If you are the owner and would like me to take the images down, let me know and I will do so.)

Thank you in advance! :D

EDIT (11/19/14): Not really looking for this guy anymore since I bought a comparable English version and I may do some collection weeding later on anyway.
Tags: giratina, wanted
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